Garden Concept

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In this Garden we have chosen Cobblestone paving for the patio immediately outside the double doors. This brings a monastic feeling inspired by the ruins in the distance. The theme is continued in a 12’ diamond pathway covered by a timber Arbour. Over the arbour are trained climbers. A classical combination of Roses and Clematis has been chosen in yellow and purple. However it might be more adventurous to try growing Hops: Humulus lupulus ‘Aureus’ and Grapevines like Vitis ‘Frankenthaler’, which is a good outdoor variety with black grapes if weather permits.

At the end of the pathway there is a 14’6” diameter Rotunda in mixed colours. This is a suntrap, a spot for entertaining, having summer BBQ’s or simply sunbathing. To the right a simple water feature is positioned within the planted border. It is a 4’ diameter pond with a no 4 Rotunda border. It is almost filled with cobblestone for safety. A small stone statue pours water into it. This creates the sound of trickling water, which is both refreshing and soothing to our senses. The bed is planted with a mixture of sun loving shrubs and perennials. This collection is mostly yellow and blues with a splash of burgundy once in a while. Striking silver leaves of Astelia ‘Silver Spear’ adds structure to the otherwise soft planting. Lavanders and Roses add perfume.

Three paths lead from the Rotunda. One borders the flowerbed and returns toward the house, where it meets the cobblestone patio at the BBQ area. The BBQ area is built with Reesig Wall Blocks in mixed colour. And capped with Old Valentia pavers. It is a great cooking space which also serves to enclose the cobblestone patio. The next path goes left from the Rotunda to the summerhouse or Wendy house, and travels on toward the Fruit Garden. Both of these paths have been built with 3ft concrete Sleepers laid like a railway track in Crazypaving. This will be endless fun for cycling kids. The third path is a more informal pathway through the ‘Orchard’ from the Rotunda to the side of the house. It is created by laying the sleepers directly into the ground.

The Orchard has a dozen Apple and Pear trees. These are grown on small rootstocks and are quite safe to grow in this area. Under the trees can be set with grass set through with spring bulbs of bluebells and dwarf daffodils like ‘Tete a Tete’ and ‘Golden Lion’. This makes for a wonderful spring show of tree blossom above and a carpet of colour below. Don’t cut grass until june to promote more flowers for the following year.

An evergreen hedge of Vibernum tinus ‘Eve Price’, which has white flowers in winter, closes in the Fruit garden. It will grow to 4ft and can be trimmed square just once a year, in spring. The fruit chosen are blackberries in the existing stone ditch, and Raspberries trained along the timber fence. Steppingstones of large classical Old Valentia paving are set in the ground through the middle and a statue is put at the bottom. This focal point is enjoyed from the patio too. Along each side of the path is blackcurrants and gooseberries. Strawberries grow through the path. The floor is covered with Bark Mulch to keep weeds down. A Fig tree fills the corner.

Finally a hedge is grown to screen the utility area. We recommend mulching this with gravel with fibremesh underneath. This makes a clean mud proof floor in our climate.

We hope you like our design for your space. I think it has everything except a vegetable garden, which could also be squeezed in, in front of the utility hedge if desired. It is a simple design and pretty low maintenance. It will only improve with time and maturity. Enjoy!

Ann Daly
Garden Designer


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