Garden Concept

Tuesday, 9 September,2008

Creating a design for this garden was controlled by existing structures including paths already laid. We found the only solution was to removed a section of path along the shed. This allowed us to extend the patio at the same level as the patio doors allowing water to flow into existing drains. The patio is laid with Old Valentia Paving in a random pattern in mixed colours. An 8’6” diameter Rotunda is incorporated into this creating a courtyard feeling. A timber pergola is built against the shed taking away the bare look of the walls and creating a shady nook to sit on a ‘rare’ sunny day. A concrete wall faced with Reesig Wall Blocks contains the upper level. It is capped with Old Valentia 12x18 slabs.

We have completely changed the direction of the sloped path to the clothesline. This opens up the patio area and creates a better flow. It is paved with Riven Crazy Paving, which relaxes the formality of the courtyard area. The Clothesline is shortened a little to accommodate this change. There is a Reesig wall on both sides of the path and this wall curves around to run across the end of the existing concrete path creating a safety element as well as a place to rest a basket of laundry. The Vegetable beds are maintained on the left and the old 24x24 slabs are recycled as narrow paths between beds. A lawn area is found on the left below the beds and also on the right of the concrete path. It has a fluid shape and is surrounded by a collection of small shrubs and perennials. These plants are suited to sun or shade according to their position on the plan.

A 6’ diameter Rotunda with a curved seat is found at the top right hand corner of the garden. It is built with Reesig Blocks and capped with no 4 Rotunda slabs. It is reached by a path of Tobishii Steppingstones, which are set into the lawn. This is a great place to catch the sun. Shade loving plants are placed in the area to the left side of the house. It has been reduced to ground level to make it more inviting. A flat Cobble border has replaced the concrete blocks. This eliminates danger of tripping. The Wall of Reesig blocks again contains the upper garden and flows around to meet the crazy paving path.

All in all, this design makes your garden very interesting with a lot of different spaces within the one garden. It is also a thoughtful design taking safety aspects as well as construction issues into consideration. It is a garden for everyone as I feel a person of any age would be happy here. Also classical in nature it will not date and will only improve with age and maturity. I wish you many happy hot summers in this garden.

Ann Daly
Garden Designer


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