Garden Concept

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Paving for the patio is Weathered Riven paving laid in mixed colours in a random pattern. Mixed colours are Old Ochre, Autumn Gold and Lava Gold. This mixture includes all the colours found in our native Brown Sandstone. They change and lighten or ‘mature’ with age and weathering. Regardless of the black and white pebble dashing, they are the bright colour that is needed in this shady garden. I think Slate Gray will be too dark. However you can choose the ultimate combination. The gate to the back garden is positioned 2feet into the chimneybreast. This allows for a line of 24x18 slabs to work as a border. An 8’6” Rotunda is incorporated into the paving to make it more interesting. The step at the back door and the patio door is removed to create the desired height for correct patio falls. The falls in the patio determine which way the rainwater flows. A metal n100k Drain channel is put across the paving at the end of the house to connect with the existing down spout. It is advisable to also include a drain across the existing concrete front driveway to catch water before it reaches the patio. It can be channeled to bring water to a drain at the front corner of the house. The paving continues to meet the entrance to the garage. A ramp is built to the garage door. A line in the drawing shows where the flow in the paving changes. Planting beds on both sides catch any water run-off and so decorative edgings are not included as they may cause an obstruction.

The paving from the side of the house continues around the house to create a little patio area outside the patio doors. It is a perfect place for a morning coffee. The line of the paving curves around to form a circular shaped planting bed, a perfect spot for a Bubbling Rock Water Feature. The paving narrows at the end of the water feature to form the sloped entrance to the lawn and garden beyond. The lawn has a fluid line to it and creates narrow planting beds all around. Climbers are planted to take the bare look of the wall. Small shrubs and perennials add consistency and colour. The area is shady and these plants will be suitable here. The oil tank is put at the bottom and a timber ‘covered seat’ is placed in front of it to hide it. Alternatively a simple 6’x6’ trellis will work just as well.

It must be pointed out that I have advised Gillian that the Weathered Riven paving is not suitable for driving on and she assures me a Mini car will be driven over it twice a year. It may still crack. It is certainly not suitable for an oil lorry. The only paving we sell for such a driveway is Old Stone Pavers or possibly Cobblestone paving. Anyway the client wishes to mostly use this side of the house as a patio and it will work nicely for this purpose.

All in all this design is simple and effective but needs careful construction. The existing concrete has to be leveled and possibly cut to get the right fall. Classical in nature it will not date and will only improve your garden with age and maturity. The plants chosen are hardy and shade tolerant. I wish you many happy hot summers in this garden.

Ann Daly
Garden Designer


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