Garden Concept

Monday, October 23, 2006

This garden design begins with paving an area outside the back door for utility purposes. Weathered Riven paving has been chosen in mixed colours and it is laid in a random pattern.We have built a raised planter with Reesig wall blocks capped with Weathered riven, placed perpendicular to the wall of the house and backed it with a timber trellis. All garbage cans can be placed against this trellis and be out of sight from the rest of the garden. From here we walk on Weathered Riven paving slabs laid in gravel. A shaped bed begins directly across from the double patio doors. Here you can put colourful plants and climbers against the wall. The edging used is Soldier Toppers. These have a little height and will hold soil back from the graveled area. A narrow path of 27x18 Weathered Riven is put along the house. Two standing stones mark the entrance to the main garden.

The Serpentine path is built with Weathered Riven and Rotunda paving slabs. It takes you uphill to an 11’ 6” Rotunda, positioned in the sunniest spot in the garden. There is a seat incorporated into the Rotunda shape, using curved Reesig wall blocks. Another path leads from the rotunda to the shed. The shed has been moved. The shed now sits on a solid concrete base. Planting surrounds the boundary walls and includes two apple trees. Mixed small shrubs and perennials are planted along the pathway, as suggested in our plant list.

A lower area can become lawn or vegetable beds as desired. The compost bin is below the shed.

Ann Daly
Garden Designer


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