Garden Concept

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From the back door we step onto a paved area of Weathered Riven paving laid in a random pattern, in a mixed palette of Lava Gold, Autumn Gold and Olde Ochre. The different shades of yellow create a cheerful entrance and the mixture makes for a more natural aging process. From here we see the relocated pond settled nicely in its new home surrounded by Achill Island paddle stone and larger rougher rocks for height and interest. The planting is simple with silver and yellow colouring to brighten up the shady side of the garden. The Achill stone too is light in colour. The pond has a new pump and a modern UVF filter, which is sunken into the ground behind the planting. This will help to keep the water clean along with the minimal planting and smaller amount of sunlight.

Opposite the pond is an 11ft 6” Rotunda again in mixed colours. A circular path using size 6 and 7 Rotunda shapes creates the shape of the circular lawn. The path starts where the house ends and disappears under the rotunda and resurfaces again at the other side. It takes you around the garden past the shed and back by the pond to the rotunda. All the straight lines of the old garden have been removed.

Simple planting surrounds the whole scheme creating a feeling of intimacy and simplicity. Planting is a mix of small shrubs and perennials, which provide colour and interest throughout the seasons. I have chosen sun loving fragrant plants for around the Rotunda, which will make sitting here a delight. Lavenders and a shrub Rose, Catmint and yarrow are among the selection. Bark mulch will finish the presentation of the beds and keep the weeds down. Little or no maintenance is needed in this garden apart from any weeds that may arise.

There are a few log steppingstones to take you through the plants to the storage area behind the shed and the bird table has been nestled among the shrubs at the back too.

All in all this design is simple and effective. Classical in nature it will not date and will only improve with age and maturity. I wish you many happy hot summers in this garden.

Ann Daly
Garden Designer


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