Contractor Services

Hard Landscaping Professionals

Here at Ballygarvan Stonecraft we have self-employed professionals that also offer their services to the public.

These services include:

  • Site visit and Quotation
  • Quality assurance
  • Appropriate layout and construction
  • Professional advice form experienced craftsmen
  • Ease of mind in your home investment

Helping Hand Service

Skilled labour services for hire, with equipment (Fully insured) to help you with:

  • Project management
  • Excavation and land shaping
  • Removal of unwanted and excavated recyclable materials
  • Removal of topsoil and subsoil
  • Delivery of construction and underlay materials
  • Organization, purchase and delivery of plant lists
  • Personal guidance and assistance in plant shopping at garden centres and nurseries
  • Delivery and spreading of topsoil and bark mulch
  • Delivery and spreading of Biodynamic compost and soil preps
  • Pointing/grouting of laid paving
  • Planting
  • Garden restoration
  • Edible food gardens

Prices start at:

  • €35.00 per person per hour minimum 4 hours hire (Includes 1hr travel time in 25mile radius)
  • €32.00 per person per hour minimum 5 hours (Includes 1 hr travel time (25 mile radius) & 15min tea break)
  • €30.00 per person per hour for 9 hour full day (Includes 1 hour travel time (25 mile radius) & 50mins for breaks)

Equipment included with labour:

  • Concrete saw
  • Chainsaw
  • Kango Hammer
  • Muck Truck
  • Cement Mixer
  • Stone Compactor/Tamper
  • Pointing Equipment


  • Mini-digger hired @€10.00 per hour extra
  • Pick-up truck hired @€10.00 per hour extra
  • Hydraulic Kango hired @€10.00 per hour extra
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