Project Planning Service

This is a service suited to clients who want a technical construction plan, quantified and priced to include hard landscaping products and installation quotations. It is suited to a client who wants ideas and imagination from experienced professional designers and horticulturists. Unlike a sketch, it is properly proportioned and drawn to scale and so is a very real interpretation of what the finished garden will look like. It includes a detailed planting plan, which allows the client the option of self-planting. Realistically a successful garden is usually the result of careful detailed planning.

  • Initial site visit
  • Full site survey
  • Colour 2-D construction plan and material specification for hard landscape
  • Planting plan with biodynamic planting schedule
  • Personalised interpretation of drawing with designer upon collection
  • Follow-up on site review and exploration of design

Cost: €435.00 including VAT (for first 100sq yds of detailed design)

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