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Introducing new cost-effective solution,transforming damaged or up dating existing concrete surfaces

We are delighted to introduce customers to a new solution for revamping damaged concrete surfaces or updating patios/driveways that customers have grown tired of.

The solution involves the imprinting of a scribed design into the existing concrete surface and staining the imprint with matching colours. The resulting effect is a completely new surface. Additionally, another great thing is that the cost is significantly lower than if you were to up root the existing surface and replace with more concrete or slabs.

Ballygarvan Stonecraft has commenced a project using this new solution and will be reporting on the progress.

Background to the project:

The customers had a concrete back yard of 200 sq yard, which was laid seven years ago. The concrete was badly damaged due to the application of salt three years ago when there was extreme frost.

There were two options available to the customers:

Option 1

Remove the unsightly concrete and replace with new concrete slabs. The estimated cost was €8,000 plus major upheaval and disruption to the rear of the house. Furthermore, there was a risk of structural damage to the surrounding walls due to vibration of works from the hammers removing the concrete.

Option 2

Ballygarvan Stonecraft’s scribed design and colour staining solution.

In this particular incidence, there was going to be a cost saving to the customer of approx 30% by choosing option 2.

Stay tuned for further updates on this project. Should you wish to enquire about our new exciting scribed design and colour staining solution call Ballygarvan Stone craft today on 021 4888205.


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